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The most peaceful place in New York City:Valmont Spa at the Plaza Athenee

After an extraordinary week in New York dining at all my favorite restaurants (and trying many new ones) visiting museums, seeing an opening of a Broadway play and looking for the best bargains, my senses were over stimulated. Every bright… (more)

Biking Guayaquil and Other Pasttimes of the Conscious Traveller

  On a recent Saturday afternoon in Guayaquil, Ecuador, I was photographing the beautiful sculptures in the city’s main cemetery when an irritable policeman materialized by my side and hustled me off the premises. A few days later, another policeman… (more)

Travel Talk & Rock!

The casual, spacious “Ballroom” of Hostelling International in Manhattan’s upper west side buzzed with energy last Thursday night as a brand new event took off: Travel Talk & Rock!  Hosted by MatadorU, a division of travel company Matador, the… (more)