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Holiday Travel


Have you ever been to a Day of the Dead Celebration?

Teatro Dallas has an annual The Day of the Dead Celebration.  A special reception was held Friday, November 2, 2018 and included traditional food and drink. The party was  followed by a production of “1968” Teatro Dallas presented… (more)

How Southwest Airlines helped this tired traveler get to a family emergency

My 92-year old Mom was in a serious auto accident. She was not driving. She was rear-ended by a hit and run driver. She hurt her back and broke two ribs. As soon as I  heard she was hurt,… (more)

Ten reasons why it is better to drive than fly

I did not realize how topical this story would become when I started it. The strange treatment of passengers has been a dream for comedians but a nightmare for the airlines. Who would have thought they’d see a doctor dragged… (more)

Is Haute Worth the Hype?

The Monnaie de Paris is what it sounds like — the Paris Mint. These days, the manufacture of Euros and circulating coins takes place off site, but the iconic building will soon host exhibitions including artisan workshops revealing the secrets… (more)

A Christmas Carol: A fresh look at a holiday tradition

A Christmas Carol  has always been a part of  the holidays for me. I remember seeing it in school as a play. Watching it in London when I was an exchange student. And now I am looking… (more)

Brownville, Nebraska: An International Book Town

Brownville, Nebraska is an amazing little town south of Omaha on the Missouri River with a population of 142 with four bookstores and seven museums. It has been designated an “International Book Town.” I think of it as “the little… (more)

I want to talk to Santa Claus

In December 1955, a Sears Roebuck store in Colorado posted an ad urging children to phone Santa Claus. “Hey Kiddies! Call Me Direct,” it read. And so they did.  The Bad News: The ad misprinted the phone number, and… (more)

Spirits of the Season 2012

Everyone is in the best of spirits during the holidays. Whether you serve it at parties, give it for gifts, or even drink it yourself, here are a few of my favorites: NEW CHOCOLATE LIQUEUR TEMPTS YOU TO “DRINK WHAT… (more)

Holidaze: Cirque’s joyous show is a holiday treat

Renowned director Neil Goldberg, creator of the groundbreaking Broadway hit Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy, re-imagines the holiday season with Cirque Dreams Holidaze. An original music score and seasonal favorites accompany hundreds of spectacular costumes and holiday dreams in a setting… (more)

In France or Online: Shopping and Bargain Hunting in Paris

Whether you remain in the comfort of your own home, or plan a visit to Paris this year, you can feel the appeal of  “the capital of shopping, fashion and glamour” through holiday shopping campaigns underway. In December, Paris… (more)

‘Tis the Season to Volunteer Abroad

The holiday season is a time for giving and gratitude. No matter what your religious beliefs or background may be, this time of year inspires reflection, growth, and generosity. For many, the holidays are also a time to take a… (more)

Merrier Travels this Holiday Season

Top 10 Holiday Season Travel Mistakes and Ways to Keep Them from “Scrooging” Up Your Trip It’s that time again when excitement and anticipation are paired with the stress and hassles of traveling to be with family and friends. Airports… (more)


 Celebrate the New Year with Fun and Frivolity  This New Year’s Eve getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and ring in the New Year with dancing and dining at the Callaway Gardens New Year’s Eve… (more)

Black Friday is now 50 shades of Gray

While Black Friday my not have been as successful as some retailers hope, the whole holiday season racked up great retail numbers. Because Black Friday is no longer one day. It starts the weekend before Thanksgiving, enticing consumers to get… (more)

A Christmas Carol

Dallas Theater Center Presents A Christmas Carol In Its Final Season at Kalita Humphreys Theater By Charles Dickens Adapted by Richard Hellesen Original Music by David de Berry Directed and Choreographed by Joel Ferrell • Opening Night: Friday, November 30… (more)

In addition to Pumpkin Pie

Seeking holiday desserts in the pumpkin family for the holiday season?  From Spice Islands are these recommendations beyond (or in addition to) traditional pumpkin pie. These delicious desserts could become a new tradition in your family. Pumpkin… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: Shrek those halls!

Breaking bread with an ogre or sluicing down a 20-foot chute of solid ice may not be on your holiday bucket list – but you can bet it’s on your kids’ and grandkids’ wish list, along with the chance to… (more)

Six Holiday Shopping Tips from Loyalty Program Experts

Hidden Tricks for Using Points and Miles to Stretch Your Gift-giving Budget  Tapping your loyalty accounts for holiday purchases is like finding extra money under the sofa cushions at Christmastime — but consumers need to know the hidden tricks… (more)

Five Fun Ghost Attractions For Families

If you’re looking for some spooky fun this fall that the whole family can enjoy, here are a few ideas: 1. Ghosts & Legends Theatre (Barefoot Landing at Myrtle Beach, SC). This is an incredible special effects show unlike anything… (more)

Best Places To Go To See Ghosts

While there are lots of haunted places across our great nation, some seem to be more so than others. And while there is no guarantee of a ghostly encounter, a visit to one of the fifteen places discussed in A… (more)