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Global Cuisine

Photo by Dave Shultz

Creative Cuisine: Brunch at Junction with Dona Bauer.

Creative combinations that sound crazy at first, but taste so delicious you can’t wait to try all the other odd-sounding things on the menu. Chef Josh Harmon’s knack?  Putting together inventive ingredient combinations and leaving you feeling wow’ed –… (more)

Eat, Travel and Get Well in Thailand

Thai Trade Centre: Floating Market In Thailand, local life seems to revolve around its many markets. Most locals shop for their groceries once or twice daily as freshness of ingredients is important in Thai cooking. A visit to Damnoen Saduak… (more)

Chapman and the Los Cabos Culinary Scene

At age 20, most adolescents would be just getting into the workforce, but not for Canadian Chef, Tadd Chapman. Armed with a fiery entrepreneurial spirit, a culinary education and some restaurant experience, Chapman boldly ventured into the resort city of… (more)

Edible Philosophy

Who doesn’t like good food and good conversation? But do you prefer that your conversations resemble low-cal appetizers; tossed salads with nutritious ideas for the body and soul; equally proportioned main courses; or after dinner desserts to mull over like… (more)

Dining at the Hilton in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The small island country of Sri Lanka is the new “gotta-go-to” destination. It is ranked Number One on Lonely Planet’s Places to visit in 2013. The country has a plethora of beaches, beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife and friendly people… (more)

Muy Rico at Mercado

The modest facade doesn’t prepare you for the wonders of Mercado. We started with the cream of lobster, Tuesday’s soup of the day.  Not what you would expect from an upscale Mexican restaurant. Chef Jose Acevedo  was raised… (more)

In Step with Tribal Traditions

From a luxurious lodge in the African wilderness, embrace magical safaris, thrilling surroundings and gourmet cuisine.  Now choose to explore the folklore and traditions of the local tribe from where the majority of the reserve’s employees hail.  In… (more)

Benissimo! A Foodie Tour at the Venetian

Not for the craps, the pool parties, night life, or an extreme bachelor / bachelorette bash. Not for the tall plastic slushy drinks, street acts, peep shows or the wedding chapel.  We went to Vegas for the food. It… (more)

The 24th Hokitika Wildfoods Festival

New Zealand, a country synonymous with award-winning wines and renowned lamb, has also developed a discerning palate for wild grown, authentic “bush food”.  Experience this cuisine at the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival, an iconic gourmet extravaganza showcasing novel “bush tucker”… (more)

Indian Food and Cultural Celebration – HAPPY HOLI

  Holi: The Festival of colors. An annual celebration of life with colors.An all day event featuring Live performances, DJs, Indian Percussion specials(DHOL), Indian Street food, Dancers, Hookahs, Holi Bonfire and lots of booths with little treasures. Sunday, March 24,… (more)

Tour Floribbean Cuisine in Miami

  Meet at a central point location in South Beach and embark on a delicious culinary adventure through the authentic flavors of the diverse cultures which elevate the soul of Miami in this exclusive culinary walking tour of South Beach.… (more)

Lap of Luxury in India

The retreat is nestled in the serene and unspoiled landscape of the Sahyadri mountain range in the Western Ghats. Located approximately a 2.5-hour drive (100km) and 30-minute helicopter ride from Mumbai and 1.5-hour drive (80km) from Pune, the property encompasses… (more)

Tasting Andalucia

“Is there anything you will not eat? “ Shawn emailed from Seville.  “Octopus and anchovies,” we responded.  It was all about the food and wine.  A chance to visit the south of Spain spurred research trials at… (more)

Eating Las Vegas: 50 Essential Restaurants and Foodie Hot Spots

Las Vegas has experienced a meteoric rise to become, arguably, the best restaurant city in the world. The names attached to the eateries on the famed Las Vegas Strip represent a veritable “Who’s Who” of the culinary universe, now home… (more)

Vive le Fromage!

  Paris, a classy, stylish city, also has a cheesy side…en français, le fromage!     The capital city offers a perfect sampling of France’s more than 300 different kinds of regional cheeses.Stopping at a shop to… (more)

Sushi Goes Global

Assorted Sushi Japan is the first country that comes to mind when one hears the word ‘sushi’– a gastronomic specialty that has surged in popularity over the last two decade.  Sushi has developed to be a vogue cuisine for… (more)

Mexico’s ‘Julia Child’

Lessons from the Markets to Best Selling Cookbook and more…  At the MexicoFest 2009 organized by the Mexican Consulate, Vancouver — internationally renowned Mexican Celebrity Chef Susanna Palazuelos partnered with Damien Callaghan Executive Chef of Marriott Pinnacle Hotel to… (more)