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You can never be too thin or too rich or have too much Chocolate

The 2017 Dallas Chocolate Festival extravaganza, held in the heart of the Dallas Art District at the  Fashion Industry Gallery F.I.G. celebrates everything chocolate.  Guests are invited to meet artisans, watch live demonstrations of the chocolate making process,… (more)

Handmade Children’s Gifts from the Heart

Looking for something different for the wee ones on your holiday shopping list?  For colorful, sometimes quirky children’s hats, blankets, rattles and soft toys guaranteed to be fair trade, visit Pebble Products, an online company. We recently ordered this… (more)

My mother has done everything for me. So I gave her the shoes off my feet.

I don’t know if it is learned or inherited behavior. But both my mother and I are passionate about shoes. And it is one of the many things we shared when I was growing up. I went to visit my… (more)

My best Black Friday ever!

While the rest of the shoppers were waking up in the middle of the nigh to line up with other shopaholics, braving cold weather, almost non-stop rain, crowded parking lots and store aisles, I woke up in mid-morning When I… (more)

Delight Dad with these delicious gifts

Help Dad  enjoy the flavors and aromas of an Italian coffee I know vanilla is the aroma most men are attracted to. But recently I received some coffee that smelled so yummy, I considered marinating it in vodka and… (more)

Show your mother you have good taste

All of the benefits of wine with none of the calories:Vinia For red wine lovers, this is a dream come true. A new product from Israel that has all the healthy parts of red wine in a powder. Imagine sprinkling… (more)

Hug what is important to you

 Do you spend more time with your iPad or tablet than you do with your family?. So maybe you need to give those important gadgets tender loving care. Imagine a way to protect them in all kinds of… (more)

The gift that lets you say I love you five times more than ever before

A slim silver bar that does wonders for your romance. Many people think that the blue box from Tiffany’s is the ultimate expression of your love. But a true romantic would rather have love letters and hours of sweet nothings… (more)

Sampling Portland’s Artisan Foods

Shoppers snacked on pickles and chocolates and sipped vinegar and whiskey at Portland’s fourth annual Season’s Eatings event last Saturday. The get together in New Deal Distillery hooks up local producers with local consumers—and traveling consumers if they’re lucky enough… (more)

Travel tools for your favorite road warrior—or yourself

I am just barely 5 feet. I would gladly trade extra leg for a comfortable airline pillow. Not that anyone has offered me more legroom, but Cabeau has recently come up with a modern solution to travel pillows. Travelers… (more)

Thanksgiving gifts that would make anyone thankful/

The no fuss, no muss thanksgiving dinner. This is a Thanksgiving dinner that arrives in a box. It does not even need to be refrigerated or warmed. You can eat it right out of the box. You do not need… (more)

Trick or Treat Yourself

Remember when you were a child and looked forward to trick or treating? You could show off your costume and get a huge bag of candy and goodies. You are an adult now. You can choose exactly what treats you… (more)

The BANDI Belt Travel Solution

Want to keep your valuables close while traveling? Or do you need a hands-free solution for carrying your phone or iPod while running? Or want to tote a few essentials but are too cool to wear a fanny pack? BANDI… (more)

Honor Dad’s efforts to bring home the Bacon with Bacon gifts

You can count on your Dad to bring home the Bacon. Here are some products that show your good taste in gift giving. Bacon of the Month Club Goose the Market in Indianapolis offers a unique Bacon of the Month… (more)

Your Mom deserves the Royal Treatment

Toast your Mom in style It’s the next big thing that Designs by Lolita fans have been waiting for—the launch of Wines By Lolita! Lolita Healy, the founder behind the successful gift brand known for its hand-painted glassware,… (more)

Who hired these Pr people?

In the good ole days pr people used to think targeting information to writers was part of their job. There were no email blasts. Sometimes they might send a press release to everyone on their list, but since that took… (more)

Practical Presents for April Fools Day

April Fools Day is associated with pranks, silly stunts and practical jokes. No one is expecting a useful present.So wouldn’t it be great to surprise your friends and family with an unexpected gift that is actually practical. Hats off to… (more)

How do I love, you Valentine. Let me count the ways.

1.Something special for your honey: Burts Bees. This gift set boasts some of the most beloved Burt’s Bees pomegranate products, which you can enjoy with a signature Burt’s Bees Spa Pouf included for indulgent pampering.  Burt’s Bees® Pomegranate Gift… (more)

Valentine gifts for Foodies and Cooks

Celebrating Valentine’s Day has come a long way from the flowers & chocolate routine—especially for foodies. In that vein, I wanted to share some great gift ideas that will delight any sweetheart that loves to eat or cook. · No-burn… (more)

In France or Online: Shopping and Bargain Hunting in Paris

Whether you remain in the comfort of your own home, or plan a visit to Paris this year, you can feel the appeal of  “the capital of shopping, fashion and glamour” through holiday shopping campaigns underway. In December, Paris… (more)

Black Friday is now 50 shades of Gray

While Black Friday my not have been as successful as some retailers hope, the whole holiday season racked up great retail numbers. Because Black Friday is no longer one day. It starts the weekend before Thanksgiving, enticing consumers to get… (more)

Six Holiday Shopping Tips from Loyalty Program Experts

Hidden Tricks for Using Points and Miles to Stretch Your Gift-giving Budget  Tapping your loyalty accounts for holiday purchases is like finding extra money under the sofa cushions at Christmastime — but consumers need to know the hidden tricks… (more)