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Photo by Dave Shultz


Key West Botanical Garden a gorgeous gem on Stock Island

The Key West Botanical Garden is a gorgeous gem unknown to many visitors because it is on the adjacent Stock Island. But it’s easy to get to by car or bus. It is a brilliantly organized garden of local vegetation,… (more)

How many green thumbs does it take to feed 15,000 children?

Promise of Peace Garden holds benefit on Sunday, November 19. The Promise of Peace (POP) Garden celebrates a  beautiful community of chefs who have been fundamental in helping POP feed over 15,000 children over the past eight years… (more)

Garden Gigs At The Dallas Arboretum

  The Dallas Arboretum is currently hosting “Garden Gigs” this summer. At this event, there are several artists performing in various areas throughout the park. Getting me to go out in this Texas heat is not an easy task, but… (more)

Zimsculpt at Dallas Arboretum: Zimbabwe Art & Nature

It’s Spring, and what a great time to visit the Dallas Arboretum. The Spring flowers are blooming and the weather is beautiful. But wait, there is More! The Dallas Arboretum now has a fabulous sculpture exhibit, titled Zimsculpt! Now through… (more)

Giverny: How Monet created the pond he painted in “Water Lilies”

The biggest surprise on my visit to the Claude Monet house and gardens at Giverny* was to learn that the master painter created the water lily pond that is the subject of his most famous paintings. We were being given… (more)

Wascana Centre; Regina’s Emerald Jewel

“The people who once said that `Regina is a town that should not have been’ should see it now!”  My colleague, a long time resident of the area, made this remark when I asked her to describe the attributes… (more)

Botanical Night in Berlin is an unforgettable experience

Bands and troubadours made music in spaces amongst bushes and gardens and trees. A Brazilian singer at the big stage provided South American rhythms, which are very popular in Germany. Small outdoor cafés served würst and beer and wine and… (more)

Walking in the Gardens of Yesteryear

One of Philadelphia’s greatest historic locations is surrounded by an urban landscape miles from the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. In the distance are the city’s steel and glass skyscrapers, but you can easily feel as if you are in… (more)

Hot Springs Magic Elixir

This story was written by Deborah Burst. The cure for life’s bumpy highway   Yea it’s been a rough year, okay, a couple of rough years. Bank bailouts, corporate greed, and the roller coaster stock market, need I say more?… (more)

Visiting Portland, Oregon – the “Rose City”

Portland has been dubbed the “Rose City.” There are several theories as to how it got its nickname but roses thrive in Portland so well that it is home to the International Rose Test Garden, which is free to visitors.… (more)


 Celebrate the New Year with Fun and Frivolity  This New Year’s Eve getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city and ring in the New Year with dancing and dining at the Callaway Gardens New Year’s Eve… (more)

Un-chocolate things to do in Hershey, PA

Gardens like Hershey Gardens are wonderful places to visit. They appeal to people for all sorts of reasons. I enjoy the overall view of gardens appreciating the mix of flowers, trees and lawns, while John usually seeks out trees, especially… (more)

Welcome to the Garden

Before me lay a treasure of flowers, foliage, imagination and ingenuity as I entered the Huntsville Botanical Garden in Huntsville, Alabama. Offered a 112 acres of nature’s finest coupled with man’s artistic talents, my biggest question was where to begin.… (more)