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**Favorite Stories


Is Haute Worth the Hype?

The Monnaie de Paris is what it sounds like — the Paris Mint. These days, the manufacture of Euros and circulating coins takes place off site, but the iconic building will soon host exhibitions including artisan workshops revealing the secrets… (more)

Family Travel on a Budget

We are a traveling family. Before we had kids, my husband and I used to go on road trips every weekend. Later on, after our kids were born, we still were traveling every opportunity we had. We took our first… (more)

Visit Panama Indian tribe that maintains the culture of past centuries

Maybe it’s anthropology lite, but a visit to a Panamanian Indian village is a fascinating experience. And it provides a model of how “natives” can monetize their own life styles for tourism instead of being exploited by outsiders. One… (more)

My best Christmas Eve Ever

The evening started with the Chinese Lantern Festival ( a cross between Disneyland and Fireworks.)  The family friendly festival is an eight acre park of eye candy.  I loved watching the reactions of the children. And then… (more)

Masq: New Orleans spicy with terrific wine pairings

“Masq” is an experience beyond its signature New Orleans cuisine. But isn’t that what New York restaurants are supposed to be these days! The name comes from the masquerade of Mardi Gras. Masked figures decorate the walls, including Mona Lisa,… (more)

The most peaceful place in New York City:Valmont Spa at the Plaza Athenee

After an extraordinary week in New York dining at all my favorite restaurants (and trying many new ones) visiting museums, seeing an opening of a Broadway play and looking for the best bargains, my senses were over stimulated. Every bright… (more)

If junk food is your religion this is an artist for you

With his pictorial interpretations of mass-produced cakes, cookies, snack foods and candy that have become icons of global culture, the Mexican painter Juan Carlos del Valle provokes an encounter between the sacred and the profane. Temptation is made… (more)

NY Theater: The imaginary cursing woman in Nora Ephron’s “Lucky Guy”

Nora Ephron’s play “Lucky Guy” features a fake character. She is a foul-mouthed Newsday reporter, a woman whose speech is peppered with the “F-word.” Such a female reporter didn’t exist. In fact, it was the reverse: some male reporters at… (more)

Sushi Zushi left us feeling raw

I did not intend to write a restaurant review. This story wrote itself because of all the things that happened. I was eager to introduce a vegan friend to Sushi Zushi.  They have a vegan menu so it seemed… (more)