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Photo by Dave Shultz


Watch Key West sunset from historic schooner or catamaran

When and If Sunset cruises are special at Key West. Among all the fun things you do, you will remember them most. I generally like the catamarans, as you can walk about them steadily. No lurching from side to side.… (more)

Finding treasures in waters around Key West

Sunset Key is a half-hidden treasure island in plain sight of Key West, Florida. After more than a dozen trips to the famous writers and artists haven that took me so close, I “discovered” it this winter and marveled as… (more)

Milwaukee Offers a Feast of Festivals and Fun

I had never been to Wisconsin until this year, but the state has now moved to the top of my list of favorite places to go during the hot Texas summer. Earlier this summer I visited Elkhart Lake, a beautiful… (more)

35th Annual Heineken Regatta Weekend: Serious Fun with “Vitamin H”

The Heineken Regatta is a wonderful mix of serious sailors who love to party, and serious party-ers who love to sail. I met a team sailing a glorious 110′ schooner name Atravida who had sailed all the way up from… (more)

A Sailing Cruise Under Four Masts: Luxury, Elegance and Poetry

A half dozen huge white sails drove the 320’ four masted schooner north up the pacific coast of Panama towards Costa Rica through Tiffany box blue water. As an early riser, I arrived on deck just as the sun broke… (more)

Brownville, Nebraska: An International Book Town

Brownville, Nebraska is an amazing little town south of Omaha on the Missouri River with a population of 142 with four bookstores and seven museums. It has been designated an “International Book Town.” I think of it as “the little… (more)

10 Places to Explore New York’s Erie Canal

The Erie Canal is a New York State treasure. In the early 1800’s when New York governor, DeWitt Clinton proposed building a canal that would connect the navigable Hudson River to Lake Erie by a 300 mile canal through the… (more)

Do You Prefer Cruising The Thames, Scottish Lochs or Emerald Island Canals?

In this slower paced, “gentle voyage of discovery” along the more intimate canals and waterways of Europe, you and a small number of guests become more fully immersed in the culture, history and gastronomy of the region. The hotel barging… (more)

Tour Italy by Sea (Kayak, that is…)

Who doesn’t dream of visiting Italy? By land? By sea!  It probably doen’t matter, so long as one can return, time and time again.  And with each return visit comes a chance to view this sublime country in… (more)

Grateful in Galápagos

With much anticipation, we began our journey into another world.  Each individual who enters Galápagos must secure a Visiting Entry Card ($100). SICGAL screening at mainland airports mitigates the arrival of alien organisms through checkpoints. The Galápagos National Park,… (more)

Guests in Galápagos

Herman Melville called them the Enchanted Isles. Charles Darwin, on a five year expedition from England aboard the HMS Beagle, found inspiration in Galápagos for his theory of Natural Selection. Six hundred miles from the coast of Ecuador in the… (more)

Whale Watching is Like a Box of Chocolates…

We breathed in the salty sea air. The wharf bustled with people at leisure on a perfect October Saturday in Dana Point, CA.  Paddle boats, kayaks, inflatable rafts, a motor boat and sea lions meandered.  Pierside restaurants buzzed… (more)

“Infinite Zest” (Literally and Figuratively)

"Infinite Zest" (Literally and Figuratively) Bareboating in the BVI By Niambi Brown Davis Summer 2006 brought unexpected challenges and in December, when the chance came to spend a week sailing around the British Virgin Islands, my duffle bag was packed (more)