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The most peaceful place in New York City:Valmont Spa at the Plaza Athenee

After an extraordinary week in New York dining at all my favorite restaurants (and trying many new ones) visiting museums, seeing an opening of a Broadway play and looking for the best bargains, my senses were over stimulated. Every bright… (more)

Tanning: Fake Bake is a Safe Alternative

All you have to do is checkout the Skin Cancer Foundation website to realize just how dangerous tanning beds and overexposure to sunlight can be. The facts: Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United… (more)

“Fake-Bake” Now Offers Sunscreen

It is estimated that more than 1 million new cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed this year making it the most common of all cancers. It has been estimated that nearly half of all Americans who live to age… (more)

Recipe for Beautiful Hair: all the ingredients are in your kitchen

Shape Magazine’s beauty expert Bahar Takhechcia tells us “a fabulous way to take care of our hair… and make it look lovely”.  Bahar uses an at home egg wash for your hair and scalp. No cholesterol, just… (more)

Your Mom deserves the Royal Treatment

Toast your Mom in style It’s the next big thing that Designs by Lolita fans have been waiting for—the launch of Wines By Lolita! Lolita Healy, the founder behind the successful gift brand known for its hand-painted glassware,… (more)

Mother’s Day 2013: You can’t put a price on Beauty

SHINE SHINE SHINE with Head and Shoulders When I started working on this Mother’s Day story I thought about what I would want if I could have one thing(limiting it to things you can buy in stores). I have been… (more)

Happy Healthy Mothers Day

Make everyday seem like mother’s Day Lavande Vanillée This luxurious and sophisticated spa candle serves a dual purpose: Use traditionally as a room candle, or as a moisturizing body oil. When applied to your body, the oils are absorbed leaving… (more)

How do I love, you Valentine. Let me count the ways.

1.Something special for your honey: Burts Bees. This gift set boasts some of the most beloved Burt’s Bees pomegranate products, which you can enjoy with a signature Burt’s Bees Spa Pouf included for indulgent pampering.  Burt’s Bees® Pomegranate Gift… (more)

Black Friday is now 50 shades of Gray

While Black Friday my not have been as successful as some retailers hope, the whole holiday season racked up great retail numbers. Because Black Friday is no longer one day. It starts the weekend before Thanksgiving, enticing consumers to get… (more)

Feeling Maui: Eighty Minutes at a Time

Manual application of oils or lotions to the skin to stimulate circulation and promote well-being are rudimentary basics of a spa treatment.  Enhancement with indigenous products and techniques, rooted in a region’s culture, people, and unique geography adds a… (more)

My 53 week year

Ever dream of having an extra week to catch up on everything you planned to do “someday”. I actually had that happen to me this week. A cross country ride I was looking forward to was suddenly postponned. That… (more)