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Photo by Dave Shultz


Tidepooling with Toddlers – a day at the beach is an adventure to remember at California’s Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

Traveling with Toddlers

Finding travel destinations that are enticing to young children and adults can be a challenge. Sure, we all love the beach, but after a couple of days of sand and sun everyone is looking for a little… (more)

Happily Ever After, A Tropical Beach Lovers Wedding

Standing knee deep in warm undulating turquoise ocean, sipping something made by the charming bartender at the edge of the sand, I took a moment to simply take it in. The sensual quality of wind, sun and sand along the… (more)

My mother has done everything for me. So I gave her the shoes off my feet.

I don’t know if it is learned or inherited behavior. But both my mother and I are passionate about shoes. And it is one of the many things we shared when I was growing up. I went to visit my… (more)

Cancun Dreaming

When can I go back? Five days in Cancun is far too short for a visit to this tropical paradise for tourists. Five weeks would be much better! Cancun is fairly new to tourism, established in the 1970’s thanks to… (more)

Galveston Still a Family Favorite

There may be lovelier beaches and more luxurious resorts than those found in Galveston, but for my North Texas family, Galveston Island was always our favorite destination for fun in the sun. For one thing, it’s the fastest way to… (more)

Discovering Long Branch on the Jersey Shore, a hidden jewel near NYC

It’s part of the Jersey Shore. Gorgeous beach, excellent restaurants, music spilling into the streets. A great discovery so close to home. How could I have spent my life in New York City and never visited Long Branch, New Jersey?… (more)

An Interview with Ashley Blaylock, Founder of ChicaBrava Surf Camp

When Houston native Ashley Blaylock moved to Nicaragua in 2003, she was an anomaly: a surfing girl. Local surfers watched in amazement as she zoomed by on the waves, then grudgingly gave her respect and admiration. “Ay, chica brava!” they’d… (more)

Looking for a little R&R? Check out Panama City Beach and Destin this winter

Whether you’re trying to escape the snow or just looking for a great and economical resort vacation, you may want to consider Panama City Beach and Destin , Florida. The catch? Great rates hinge on month-long stays. Winter travelers will… (more)

Sun Protective Gear For Water Sports

When I was considering going on my recent trip ChicaBrava Surf Camp in Nicaragua, the strong sun gave me pause. While I love warmth and sunshine, my pale, cancer-prone skin is not so drawn to equatorial lands. I hated to… (more)

A summer in Nice brings together jazz, art and Woody Allen

The big Nice Jazz Festival has been drawing crowds to this gorgeous Riviera city since 1948. And on the day I visited, Woody Allen was in town. Was he was there to play his clarinet on one of the Festival’s… (more)

Cannes is a gorgeous treat for visitors since mid-1800s

Walking along the Cannes beach in the afternoon, we had a clue about something special going to happen. Out in the sea, from large block structures in the Bay of Cannes, came strains of pop music. “Stand by me!” It… (more)

If You Have A Penchant for Picnics

Do you know July is National Picnic Month?  Not that we’d ever need a reason to pursue this age-old delight. Although many look to their local parks for a classic lunch-on-the-green, five inviting picnic spots may draw you… (more)

Soulfully Recharge in Africa, Costa Rica and Mexico

Do you dream of a sensational  remedy for the mega-amplified, daily stress of life and work?  Inhale deeply and recharge those overused internal batteries with luxury private guided travel to Latin America and Africa for individuals or… (more)

Swimming with Whales

Ever wonder what it would be like to see a whale up close and friendly? Would you still be interested if it meant you were in the water with the whales? How about if those whales… (more)

Tour Italy by Sea (Kayak, that is…)

Who doesn’t dream of visiting Italy? By land? By sea!  It probably doen’t matter, so long as one can return, time and time again.  And with each return visit comes a chance to view this sublime country in… (more)

To St Lucia for a Body Holiday!

Consider this stimulating combo: the blue Caribbean and a former Olympian as your personal trainer!   St. Lucia’s Well Fit Retreats is a mini-version of an Olympic training camp. Returning this spring, from March 18-22 and March… (more)

Sunshine, Sea, and Love’s Caresses in San Diego

With spectacular scenery, sun-drenched beaches, world-class restaurants and luxury resorts, San Diego calls to all lovebirds looking for a romantic getaway. This February, special Valentine’s Day offerings from San Diego hotels and resorts make it the perfect time to treat… (more)

Inhabit the Hobbit’s World

Journey back to Middle Earth in luxury while exploring the filming sites of JRR Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings saga on this 11-day luxury tour of New Zealand. Middle Earth Exclusive  With the release of the Peter… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: Paradise found on Panama’s ‘Lost Coast’

It may take a full day and a half to reach it, but, oh, at the end of three plane rides, two shuttles and a ferry your pay-off awaits. Islas Secas. Unknown to all but the local fisherman, it is… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: Sleep like a celebrity

Bed down at one of Nick Lachey’s or Eva Longoria’s favorite haunts. Rise and shine atop the trees in an open-air suite with authentic Bali bridal bed. Soak in sybaritic abandon in a “levitating” tub or sip your martini (shaken,… (more)

Top Six Travel Trends for 2013

From Adventure Honeymoons to Epicurean Experience these are the top travel trends.    1.  Rise of the Adventure Honeymoon Forgoing the cookie-cutter honeymoon, more newlyweds than ever are celebrating their matrimony with an adrenaline-filled adventure tours. … (more)

Feeling Maui: Eighty Minutes at a Time

Manual application of oils or lotions to the skin to stimulate circulation and promote well-being are rudimentary basics of a spa treatment.  Enhancement with indigenous products and techniques, rooted in a region’s culture, people, and unique geography adds a… (more)

Bermuda marks its 400th Anniversary as a British Colony this year

The cruise ship eased through the narrow Town Cut channel and into its St. George’s berth just after noon. I had arrived in Bermuda after two days at sea and I was excited to explore this gem in the North… (more)