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Nevis Hotels: A Natural Retreat

The island of Nevis is not for everybody, nor is it meant to be. However, if you are looking for a place to get as far away from the everyday as possible, and are looking for a tropical local, centered… (more)

24 Hours in Havana

The parapets of the stone fortress were empty of the cannon that used to guard the blue waters of the harbor of Havana as the cruise ship sailed into port. I gazed at the skyline of this infamous city of… (more)

Nevis, Naturally

Nevis is currently promoting its unspoiled nature. Based upon my recent trip, I see exactly why. Nevis is the perfect place to commune with tropical nature and admire the the flora and fauna produced by a year-round amazing climate and… (more)

Should You Visit Haiti?

When I told family and friends I was going to Haiti, the response was universal. Why? My answer, “I’ve never been there.” Haiti held so many surprises which can often happen when visiting a destination that is not overexposed. In… (more)

Well Deserved “World’s Best” Spa: The Regent Palms at Turks and Caicos

Blending, that is the key to a really fabulous spa experience. Blending of the environment created by the spa designers with the practitioners touch and usage of chosen products. Music, scent, touch and environment are the pieces which create an… (more)

A Sailing Cruise Under Four Masts: Luxury, Elegance and Poetry

A half dozen huge white sails drove the 320’ four masted schooner north up the pacific coast of Panama towards Costa Rica through Tiffany box blue water. As an early riser, I arrived on deck just as the sun broke… (more)

If You Have A Penchant for Picnics

Do you know July is National Picnic Month?  Not that we’d ever need a reason to pursue this age-old delight. Although many look to their local parks for a classic lunch-on-the-green, five inviting picnic spots may draw you… (more)

Voyage by Pascale organizes high-end visits to St. Bart’s

St. Bart’s in the Caribbean was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, but till recent decades not too many travelers went there. Not because it wasn’t an extraordinary place with unspoiled beaches and delectable French cuisine. But because transport was… (more)

Voluptuous Valentine Adventures

This Valentine’s Day toss the store-bought candy and sappy greeting cards. Immerse yourself in a spa splurge, instead! From the Atlantic City marina to the mountains of Camelback, the island of Aruba to the hot springs of southern California, sumptuous… (more)

Cruise Trends and Trips: Small ship adventure a sailing good time

It’s not for everyone. It’s not for the 3,000-plus that pack the ocean-going behemoths but rather for the 90 or so who eschew the glitz and glam of those floating cities for the more intimate vibe of a vessel that… (more)

Cruise Adventure Trends & Trips: New amenities amuse and amaze

Sun, sea and sensational onboard amenities. Sounds like the makings of a memorable cruise vacation. And it is – because cruising just keeps getting better and better. Here’s what’s going to make your jaw drop in 2013: Lights, camera, action… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: Sleep like a celebrity

Bed down at one of Nick Lachey’s or Eva Longoria’s favorite haunts. Rise and shine atop the trees in an open-air suite with authentic Bali bridal bed. Soak in sybaritic abandon in a “levitating” tub or sip your martini (shaken,… (more)

Feliz Navidad: A Winter Getaway to Puerto Rico

My wife and I are not resort-vacation types. We like trips where you visit cultural landmarks, go to museums, and learn the history of a place. We don’t do cruises. Too many days at the beach can feel claustrophobic. But… (more)