Lemon Yogurt CakeI have been moving all week and decided my one R&R activity would be to go to a gourmet group called “Life at the Table”  For each meeting, the leader suggests a theme or culture for the pot luck.

I decided I need to make something really simple because my mixer and many of my pans were packed away. This event’s theme was Morocco.

I found  delicious sounding recipe on Pinterest that only had three ingjredients—and one of them was water.

Easy Peasy—or so I thought

The recipe was for a lemon yogurt cake. All I had to buy was lemon flavored yogurt .

After trips to two grocery stores and the Urban Market in my building, I realized I need to change the plan. I then bought a box of lemon pudding and some lemon essence.

Luckily, I know many chefs and got some good suggestions from them (but they all came after I had started to make the cake,) The best suggestion was from my friend Carole Kotkin, co-author of the MMMiami cookbook and a syndicated food columnist for The Miami Herald..She suggested using lemon zest and the juice of the lemon and Greek Yogurt.

But by the time I opened her email I had made a mess of my kitchen and  ruined my prized Oster blender. I started out ny emptying the cake mix into the blender. Then I added the lemon pudding. And I poured half a cup of water on top. (planning to add the rest later.) I heard a grinding noise as my blender objected. Basically, I had created lemon flavored cement.

The water dribbled down too slowly and and by the time the  lemon cement was created, I knew I needed a black up plan. I scrapped as much of the lemon cement out of the blender into my newish Ninja. I had two sizes, and thought the smaller one was  the right size

Everything fit in nicely, And when I pushed down on the motor . The level was rising faster than dough. It spilled out onto my counter

By the time I scrapped everything into the big Ninja, the amount left would have been perfect for the small Ninja.

I poured the concoction into the pan and sprinkled pistachios on top.

                                                TIME AND COSTS

Cake mix $2.00

Lemon Pudding 75 cents

Lemmon Essence $3.59

Burned out Oster Blender  (proabably irreplaceable but certainly more valuable than the cake)

Pistachios  $2.00

And I still haven’t finished getting the lemon cement off my countertops and utensils.

So here is the original recipe. My only tip would be to be sure to use a mixer,

1 box supermoist white cake mix

1 container Yoplait Greek 2% lemon meringue yogurt

1 cup water

Just mix together cake mix, lemon yogurt and water!