While there are lots of haunted places across our great nation, some seem to be more so than others. And while there is no guarantee of a ghostly encounter, a visit to one of the fifteen places discussed in A Ghost Hunter’s Guide To THE Most Haunted Places in America is likely to result in a paranormal experience. Ghost enthusiasts may want to include a visit to one of these places this fall. They are all open to the public, for those who dare to go! Here are three of my favorites (and the creepiest, scariest, and most haunted places in this country):       

1. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (West Virginia)…where experimental lobotomies were performed. It is believed to be haunted  by many sad souls who were confined to the facility, many of whom died here. It is open for exploration through a variety of tour options, including a Civil War tour, photography tour, and history tour, as well as overnight ghost investigations.

2. Birdcage Theatre (Arizona)…where 140 bullet holes offer a clue as to the violence that occurred here. There is so much interesting history here. One reason may be that it never closed. The Birdcage was open 24/7 until it shut down in 1889. One newspaper referred to the Birdcage as “the wildest, wickedest night spot between Basin Street and the Barbary Coast.” And least 26 documented deaths occurred here and 140 bullet holes found inside the theatre. No wonder it’s haunted!

3. Colonial Park Cemetery (Georgia)…where thousands lie in unmarked graves. Mass graves were dug during the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1820. Over the years, many tombstones and graves have been disturbed. One of those times includes during the Civil War when Union soldiers vandalized gravestones, robbed masoleums, and removed bodies from crypts so they could use them as shelters from the elements. The cemetery became a public park in 1896. Ever since that time, visitors have literally been walking on top of the dead. Many famous folks are buried here and there are lots of restless spirits.

This information comes from A GHOST HUNTER’S GUIDE TO THE MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN AMERICA by Terrance Zepke. Visit http://terrancezepke.com/ghost-books/a-ghost-hunters-guide-to-the-most-haunted-places-in-america/ for more on this title or her other books.