wtrench-split_x_ray_2We were booked on the EasyJet flight from Berlin to Dubrovnik. The rule was one carry-on. And that can mean your purse, which in my case is always filled with stuff that doesn’t fit in my tightly packed roll-aboard. Walking across a space that led to the stairs to the plane were a lot of women who were carrying purses as well as carry-ons.

I said to my companion, “I think I have to pack all this stuff in the carry-on.” He said, “Oh, no, look at all these people.”

Well, in a few minutes all “these people” were on the floor figuring out how to cram their purses intro their carry-ons. Lesson learned!

IMG_3104So, I bought an EasyJet coat. Well, it’s not really called an EasyJet coat. It’s made by Scott eVest, which calls it a Scott eVest Trench coat.

What this amazing coat does is allow you to stash a huge amount of stuff into the 18 pockets built into the coat. Smart phones and tablets, wallet, maps, notebooks, passports and air tickets, and a lot more. There is even a special pocket for glasses. And none of what you pack in the coat counts as carry-on.

For example, on a trip from Cannes to Berlin, the Trench coat save me money and anguish. Look at this photo of what I stashed in the coat’s hidden pockets. I included a pouch into which I could transfer the items for comfort once I got on the plane.

scale showing weight of stuff packed in coatWhen I got to my Berlin hotel, I discovered that the pouch weighed 7.4 pounds! At the rate of 14 Euros per kilo overweight, that would have been pricey!

On another trip in the U.S., from New York to Florida in January, it was too chilly for the trench coat, so I took my EasyJet winter coat. OK, my ScotteVest “Penny” coat. It has a lining and a hood and 14 pockets.

penny_coat-split_x_ray_2This wasn’t about EasyJet, because this flight was American Airlines, but they also limit carry-ons. Though American allows two bags (my carry-on and purse), I also had a tennis bag with two racquets, balls, sneakers, etc.

So I packed my purse stuff in the Penny coat, rolled the soft carry-all into the tennis bag, and walked on with no problem.

The issue is not about weight, or the airlines would require us to weigh our stowed and carry-on baggage and ourselves. It’s about their trying to extract every last nickel from travelers. Now we can fight back with the ScotteVest coats!