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Editor Bios Teresa Bergen

Teresa Bergen
Teresa Bergen writes about fitness and travel. She's the author of Vegetarian Asia Travel Guide and contributes to many print and online periodicals. Teresa also teaches yoga and fitness classes and is an ACE-certified personal trainer. She lives in Portland, Oregon, USA.

By Teresa Bergen


Behind the Scenes at Door County Coffee & Tea

When Vicki Wilson went to Door County to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday, she didn’t realize she’d soon caffeinate this Wisconsin peninsula. But 21 years later the business she founded has introduced the region to coffee culture and delighted countless… (more)

Samples and More Samples at Annual Portland Chocolate Fest

Imagine walking down aisles and having people on all sides thrust samples of exquisite chocolates your way. If this is your idea of a dream come true, you’ll love Portland’s annual Chocolate Fest. Chocolatiers from around the Northwest – and… (more)

Sampling Portland’s Artisan Foods

Shoppers snacked on pickles and chocolates and sipped vinegar and whiskey at Portland’s fourth annual Season’s Eatings event last Saturday. The get together in New Deal Distillery hooks up local producers with local consumers—and traveling consumers if they’re lucky enough… (more)

Gospel of John, Photographed: Gritty and Spiritual Armchair Travel to Israel

During the 2008 recession, photographer David Kevin Weaver drew strength from the Gospel of John. This gospel begins with John the Baptist predicting Jesus’ arrival, then goes on to detail Jesus’ public ministry and his very public death and resurrection.… (more)

The BANDI Belt Travel Solution

Want to keep your valuables close while traveling? Or do you need a hands-free solution for carrying your phone or iPod while running? Or want to tote a few essentials but are too cool to wear a fanny pack? BANDI… (more)

An Interview with Ashley Blaylock, Founder of ChicaBrava Surf Camp

When Houston native Ashley Blaylock moved to Nicaragua in 2003, she was an anomaly: a surfing girl. Local surfers watched in amazement as she zoomed by on the waves, then grudgingly gave her respect and admiration. “Ay, chica brava!” they’d… (more)

Sun Protective Gear For Water Sports

When I was considering going on my recent trip ChicaBrava Surf Camp in Nicaragua, the strong sun gave me pause. While I love warmth and sunshine, my pale, cancer-prone skin is not so drawn to equatorial lands. I hated to… (more)

Vegetarian Options Near the L.A. Convention Center

Picture this: You find yourself at the enormous L.A. Convention Center. You don’t know your way around the city. You’re hungry. And a vegetarian. What do you do?  It’s true the convention center is not the most veg-friendly area… (more)

Sambazon Introduces New Vegan Acai-Based Smoothie

Health nuts are constantly turning up new superfoods, squeezed from the bark of a South American tree or blade of grass. Case in point: the acai berry. According to dermatologist and Oprah consultant Dr. Nicholas Perricone, this little berry is… (more)

Perfect Packable and Crushable Travel Hat by Jeanne Simmons

On a recent trip to the Galapagos, I ignored good advice and didn’t pack a hat. How important could a hat be? I’d packed sunscreen, after all.  But as any sensible traveler knows, when the sun beats down in… (more)