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Bucket List Adventure: An American Girl Getaway

Frilly, fancy and oh so pretty-in-pink – it’s a girls’ world within the doors of American Girl® St. Louis. For girls from toddler to tween to early teen, a visit to this paean to all that is feminine is a… (more)

Cruise Trends & Trips: Insider tips for first-time cruisers

Cruisers face a lot of choices these days. The world’s waterways are populated by fleets of cruise ships, including those of the 26 cruise lines serving North America that are members of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). By the end… (more)

Cruise Trends & Trips: New cruise ship water parks make a splash

Slides, flumes, coasters, bucket dumps: cruise ship water parks have all the bells, whistles, jets and bubblers – panoramic ocean views, too. Floating in all their water-soaked glory on the world’s waterways, these shipboard water parks are debuting some first-time… (more)

Kentucky’s historic outdoor theatre trail

As dusk gathers and spotlights illuminate costumed actors, singers and dancers, a stage dressed with scenery and set with props emerges. Music swells; the crowd falls silent. Another summer of outdoor theatre gets underway. “Outdoor theatre adds an entire menu… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: World of Chima and Angry Birds land in Sunshine State

How many bricks does it take to build the largest LEGOLAND park in the world? The answer will boggle the brain and stress out your calculator. Fifty six million LEGO bricks go into the rides and attractions, even trims and… (more)

Follow in the footsteps of Animal Planet’s Turtleman

Ernie Brown, Jr., aka the Turtleman, has faced down many a vicious animal, including giant snapping turtles, snakes, skunks, raccoons and wild hogs, in most cases trapping the critters with his bare hands. But a trail in Lebanon, Ky., named… (more)

Cruise Trends and Trips: Meet baseball legends aboard legendary riverboat

This summer, two beloved American pastimes and traditions come together when the 436-passenger American Queen hosts some of Major League Baseball’s legends. MLB prankster Jay Johnstone, lefty pitcher Fritz Peterson, New York Yankee Ron Blomberg and 1969 World Champion Art… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: A ‘brave’ adventure with Disney

Ancient castle ruins rock. Mom and Dad may relish family time unplugged from workaday electronics, and grandparents admire the beauty of a rolling green landscape given over to rugged coastlines and pristine lochs, Highland ponies and paint-splotched sheep. But the… (more)

Bucket List Adventure: New water coaster, shows and hologram come to Dollywood

Tennessee’s first and only water coaster splashes down with lots of fanfare – not to mention hairpin turns and daring drops. An entire season of new entertainment takes visitors around the world, from India, China and Merry Olde England and… (more)

Girlfriends take to the seas

What do girls want when they travel together? A little pampering, a bit of enrichment, perhaps some adventure – and lots of time to laugh together. When girlfriends take their gatherings to the seas, they get all this and more… (more)