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Editor Bios Patrick Gary

Patrick Gary is a Dallas-based technical consultant, multifaceted musician, and jack of all trades who refuses to let any single realm of life or group of interests completely define or encapsulate him. He is a regular contributor to and

By Patrick Gary


Paper Planes to your heart: New Music by Lyndsey Jones

It’s a rare treat when you find a gem of an artist before the rest of the world has found them. One that is able to sing, play, write, and perform at the highest of levels right from the start.… (more)

Time Traveler Strawberry Shandy: Just in Time for the Summer

The Traveler Beer Company in Burlington, VT seems to have embarked on a mission: to create craft beers for people who think that they don’t like beer. They have done this largely by taking a refreshing beer beverage from western… (more)

Beating the Heat with the Traveler Beer Company

It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, which means that unless you live in Australia, New Zealand, or Antarctica, you probably think that it’s hot. With craft beers and craft cocktails ruling the day here in 2015, there is more… (more)

Oddly Enough, this song is really good…

Blue Lights (Oddly Enough), the new track from Brooklyn based “The Virgins”, is a little bit Strokes, a little bit Vampire Weekend, with some early Talking Heads and a little bit of George Harrison middle-period Beatles guitar thrown in for… (more)

Jameson for the “Irish” American

With St. Patrick’s Day upon us  it means a whole slew of Irish traditions and products, both real and imagined. I can only assume that there will, somewhere on March 17, be someone pouring Bailey’s Irish Cream into a… (more)

Veritas:This is Dallas’s Destination Wine Bar

Destinations always seem to be somewhere else. Somewhere special so you plan your excursions around them.  I don’t know about you, but when I have a world traveler with me, it always seems that no matter where you go,… (more)