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Editor Bios Madelyn Miller, The TravelLady

Madelyn Miller, The TravelLady
Writer and Publisher Madelyn's first trip (that she can remember) was in the back seat of a car. She doesn't remember the destination but is sure that it was to visit one of her Dad's many relatives. Her dad loved to drive and see family. Her first solo plane trip was at the age of 13 when she flew to Atlanta and then somehow managed to get on a bus to Macon, Georgia. She thought she would never let her kids do that. Yet by the time he was 13, son Greg went to Taiwan with a friend. Her daughter also has the gypsy spirit and seems to drive cross country several times a year. Maybe the travel gene is genetic. Madelyn was an exchange student to London in her last semester in college. And then went to NYU for a semester on a program called Junior Year in New York.. Now she satisfies her wanderlust by doing stories covering stories for her websites. Read her stories on,, , , and She has a couple more websites up her sleeve. She also writes for LatinaStyle, Downtown Magazine, (New YOrk), Sportspages, Nashville Business Journal, Today's Dallas Woman, Dallas Fort Worth LifeStyle, She hosted a travel radio show called the Tattered Passport and did segments on Fox TV as the Travellady. She has recently became a vegetarian.

By Madelyn Miller, The TravelLady


My favorite food festival in the whole world: Big Tex Choice Awards

I travel to learn about new cultures, see world famous sites —and most of all to experience new cuisines, I have been to a progressive dinner in Hong Kong that started on the heliport on top of the Peninsula Hotel,… (more)

Fun Home: Do you know all your family secrets?

Every family has secrets. In our family it seemed to be about money. That was a taboo topic. As was sex. When my father-in-law went into the military, he and his younger brother left all their money with the one… (more)

Good Photographers: Is it Nature or Nurture?

I have admired photographer Kent Barker’s work since I moved into the Southside on Lamar community. Until this week I did not know he has a son, Amon, who is also a fabulous photographer. Recently, I went to a joint… (more)

You can never be too thin or too rich or have too much Chocolate

The 2017 Dallas Chocolate Festival extravaganza, held in the heart of the Dallas Art District at the  Fashion Industry Gallery F.I.G. celebrates everything chocolate.  Guests are invited to meet artisans, watch live demonstrations of the chocolate making process,… (more)

How my microwave helped get my toilet clean

My microwave died and it was replaced with another used one. The person who installed it thoughtfully wiped the inside clean. But he used Pinesol. I did not realize anything was wrong for a few zaps. Everything looked so… (more)

Dance Improvisation across continents

Dance is a marvelous way to learn about cultures. Not only do you hear the sounds, but you can also watch the movements that are indigenous to a culture. This week there is a fusion of two fascinating cultures. On… (more)

More than a Musical: The Bodyguard showcases R&B superstar Deborah Cox.

Based on the smash hit film, the award-winning musical stars Grammy® Award-nominee and R&B superstar Deborah Cox. Former Secret Service agent turned bodyguard, Frank Farmer, is hired to protect superstar Rachel Marron from an unknown stalker. Each expects to… (more)

La Cage aux Folles: I must have been a drag queen in another life

I love the costumes. I love the jewelry. I love the hairstyles. And I love all the fun that they have. I know I have the outrageous gene and can never have too much sparkle or bling. And I can… (more)

Finding Neverland and the man behind the classic story

Just like fashion, there are some classic stories that are revised and repeated in every generation. Peter Pan seems to be a most popular story today. Each reinterpreted performance emphasizes different nuances of the story. “Beautiful and wondrous! It’s pure… (more)

How Southwest Airlines helped this tired traveler get to a family emergency

My 92-year old Mom was in a serious auto accident. She was not driving. She was rear-ended by a hit and run driver. She hurt her back and broke two ribs. As soon as I  heard she was hurt,… (more)