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Editor Bios Madelyn Miller, The TravelLady

Madelyn Miller, The TravelLady
Writer and Publisher Madelyn's first trip (that she can remember) was in the back seat of a car. She doesn't remember the destination but is sure that it was to visit one of her Dad's many relatives. Her dad loved to drive and see family. Her first solo plane trip was at the age of 13 when she flew to Atlanta and then somehow managed to get on a bus to Macon, Georgia. She thought she would never let her kids do that. Yet by the time he was 13, son Greg went to Taiwan with a friend. Her daughter also has the gypsy spirit and seems to drive cross country several times a year. Maybe the travel gene is genetic. Madelyn was an exchange student to London in her last semester in college. And then went to NYU for a semester on a program called Junior Year in New York.. Now she satisfies her wanderlust by doing stories covering stories for her websites. Read her stories on,, , , and She has a couple more websites up her sleeve. She also writes for LatinaStyle, Downtown Magazine, (New YOrk), Sportspages, Nashville Business Journal, Today's Dallas Woman, Dallas Fort Worth LifeStyle, She hosted a travel radio show called the Tattered Passport and did segments on Fox TV as the Travellady. She has recently became a vegetarian.

By Madelyn Miller, The TravelLady


Free Parking and all that Jazz

Friday nights in June there is a famous African American composer performing on the roof of the Old Mill at Fair Park.  If you like jazz, do not miss this. Thanks to a partnership between the historic Old Mill… (more)

Fabulous freebies for weekends in June

Ladies, start your weekend with free sushi at Steel. From 5 to 10 each Thursday, Steel offers

All about Bette: An Interlude with Bette Davis by Camilla Carr

Men and women have different ways of fighting. Men put on boxing gloves and get into the ring. Women have more mental and verbal ways to fight. The iconic fight in the ring between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, was… (more)

Command Performance brings leading dance companies to Dallas

Dallas has become a showcase for ballet. Now Titas has a full season of dance. And it is often sold out. So imagine how excited serious ballet connoisseurs are about this final event of the Dallas dance season. … (more)

Into the Woods: Classic shows and stories combined in a creative new way.

 Combine a wolf, a witch, and a giant. Sprinkle with a damsel in distress and sophisticated references to favorite fairy tales. It adds up to an engaging performance bound to please adults and children. Venture back Into The Woods… (more)


 In a world premiere event, the producers of the world’s biggest magic show, THE ILLUSIONISTS, have teamed up with the award-winning puppeteers from WAR HORSE, to bring a thrilling turn-of-the-century circus spectacular. CIRCUS 1903 –The Golden Age of Circus… (more)

Bollywood comes to Dallas: Taj Express

When I first moved to Dallas, there were not many Indian restaurants. Now they seem to multiply like rabbits. In fact, there have even been several restaurants named Taj Express. But this is the first time… (more)

Dallas Delights: Classy Cars, Amazing Art, Sexy Shoes and Foot Fetishes

An invitation to visit an Auto showroom with snazzy cars, sexy shoes and colorful art was an interesting Wednesday night activity as a prelude to a wonderful weekend.   Every shoe has a story. And every woman has both. The… (more)

Ten reasons why it is better to drive than fly

I did not realize how topical this story would become when I started it. The strange treatment of passengers has been a dream for comedians but a nightmare for the airlines. Who would have thought they’d see a doctor dragged… (more)

How I got a three week trip to India by raising my hand

People often tell me how lucky I am to get so many interesting trips. Once I did it by being in the right place at the right time and merely raising my hand. A friend who owned a travel agency… (more)