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Editor Bios Lisa Richardson

Lisa Richardson
Lisa Richardson loves family, grandchildren!, food, wine, travel, semi-retirement from four decades of nursing, and the written word. Born in D.C. and raised in Maryland, she lives with her husband in Southern California, always planning that next trip. Lisa was a participant on a travel writer's success panel at the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in Boston, MA, August 2013.

By Lisa Richardson


Fall Festivity at Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Fall is a time for happenings at Francis Ford Coppola Winery. Francis puts it best, saying the winery is a wine wonderland, a park of pleasure where people of all ages can celebrate the love of life. A Masquerade Ball… (more)

Life Cycles: Getting Back on Two Wheels

A bicycle adventure seven months away had a certain allure. The interest factor quadrupled with an itinerary in wine country at harvest. The plan: sign up, purchase bicycles, bike, and go! Along the path, the joys and pains of cycling… (more)

Contest to Open Stone Crab Season in the Keys

The third annual Stone Crab Eating Contest for amateur eaters is set for Saturday, Oct. 19 in Marathon, Florida Keys. Staged at Keys Fisheries Market and Marina, located at 35th Street gulfside, the lively consumption competition is scheduled to begin… (more)

Awaken and Center Yourself in NY

Awaken and center yourself via a yoga retreat, pursuit of learning paths or trekking a mountain trail in New York. Across the state, centers for yoga and relaxation are designed to tone, calm, and renew your spirit. At… (more)

Hunt and Gather with your Mate in Texas

If you seek the thrill of a hunt and rugged play in the wilds with professional guides, teamed with gourmet cooking instruction and luxurious digs, you’ll jump at this creative retreat. Classically-trained chef Georgia Pellegrini, 21st Century hunter and… (more)

Welcome to Threadcrawl 2013

  This L.A. fashion and shopping event offers retail support through exclusive in-store deals for shoppers August 19th-25th, 2013.  Some of the top designers and boutiques across Los Angeles are participating in the week- long event. Shoppers… (more)

If You Have A Penchant for Picnics

Do you know July is National Picnic Month?  Not that we’d ever need a reason to pursue this age-old delight. Although many look to their local parks for a classic lunch-on-the-green, five inviting picnic spots may draw you… (more)

Behold Beatles’ Beginnings in Hamburg

You call yourself a Beatles fan.  Were you aware that it was in Hamburg, Germany, where the Fab Four began their career-as the not so fab five- recording their first commercially released record, “My Bonnie,” on June 22/23, 1961?… (more)

Red, White and Blue on the Menu

Is it true that JFK’s famed words “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”  were uttered at the morning rehearsal for his inaugural speech while dining… (more)

Soulfully Recharge in Africa, Costa Rica and Mexico

Do you dream of a sensational  remedy for the mega-amplified, daily stress of life and work?  Inhale deeply and recharge those overused internal batteries with luxury private guided travel to Latin America and Africa for individuals or… (more)