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Editor Bios Jeanine Buckley

Jeanine Buckley
Discovering travel when studying abroad in Paris, Jeanine Buckley immediately began looking for a career that incorporated her love of travel and other cultures. She found it in consulting, helping Quebec companies develop a US expansion strategy. More recently, she has created her own travel blog, BostonCanadaTravel, where she can leverage the contacts she has made over the years in Canada. Focusing on Eastern Canada, specifically the provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Ontario, she is helping Americans discover what a wonderful destination Eastern Canada can be.

By Jeanine Buckley


The Ice Hotel:The Chill of a Lifetime

Just outside of St. Raymond, Quebec*, the snowmobile capital of the world, the ingenious creator of the Ice Hotel, Jacques Desbois, decided to build his snowy masterpiece. He chose this location because of the chill factor, an important element to… (more)

Boston’s Brewpubs Brew Great Beer for Beer-Savvy Drinkers

Get a Taste of Ole England at John Harvard’s Brew House Will sat at the worn oak bar, quill as usual glued to his hand, stained fingers from overuse, furiously writing. He only paused long enough to grab his pewter… (more)

Follow the Red Brick Road to Freedom with Boston’s Freedom Trail

Boston, nicknamed beantown because of the infamous baked bean and maple syrup recipe originally passed down from the pilgrims, is one of the oldest and most historical cities in the US. Where else can you see the oldest continuous restaurant… (more)

My Normandy Invasion

As the room darkened, I could hear the low-pitched but deafening drone of the bombers on my left, along with the constant stuttering of machine gun fire. On my right, all I could see was an ocean of amphibious landing… (more)

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum: A Renaissance Venetian Palace in Boston

As I walk in, my breath is taken away by the three-story indoor courtyard garden before me. Beds of clover and ivy blanket the ground, exotic Australian tree ferns frame a beautiful center mosaic, and rare orchids give a tropical… (more)

Paint Your Own Monet at the New Moulin des Chennevières in Giverny

Moulin des Chevennieres, a Giverny Inn As I drove through the large wooden medieval gate onto the graveled circular drive in Giverny, just north of Paris, I suddenly had the urge to stop right there, grab an easel and capture… (more)