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Editor Bios Irene Butler

Irene Butler
Irene Butler is a Vancouver BC based travel writer and author of “Trekking the Globe with Mostly Gentle Footsteps: Twelve Countries in Twelve Months.” She is member of the BC Association of Travel Writers, Travel Media Association of Canada, and the Federation of BC Writers. Irene and her photographer husband Rick immerse themselves in cultures around the world for many months each year, often venturing into locales off-the-beaten path. Her particular interests are history, archaeology, and geographical phenomena.

By Irene Butler


Geysers and Caves of New Zealand’s North Island

Travellers flock to Rotorua – with good reason – it’s the hub to one of the most active geothermal areas in the world. The “hard-boiled-egg” smell around town is a reminder of the hydrogen sulphide (H²S) associated with geothermal activity,… (more)

Ultimate Bali High

Our mouths drop at the sight of our villa; a private pool jutting from the embankment, outside comfy sofas and dining area edged by greenery, and inside the villa another deluxe lounging space, canopied bed, huge soaker tub, shower, plus… (more)

Beauty has an Address – Oman

by Irene Butler A sense of tranquility wraps around us as we gaze at white latticed buildings and mosques wedged between charcoal mountains and the royal blue Gulf waters. The heat of the sun is tempered by gentle breezes. Our… (more)

Pisco Souring our Way through Peru

The sensual greeting of Angostura bitters drifted upward with my first sip. The next sensation was the silky quality of egg white beaten into a frothy head. Then the tang of fresh-squeezed lemon juice tamed the fiery kick of the (more)