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Editor Bios Habeeb Salloum

Habeeb Salloum
Habeeb Salloum is a Canadian author who grew up in Saskatchewan, joined the RCAF during the Second World War, and then worked for the Canadian Department of National Revenue for 36 years. For the last 24 years he has been a full-time freelance writer and author specializing in food, history and travel. Besides 6 books and 18 chapters in books, he has had hundreds of articles about culture, food, travel, history and homesteading in western Canada appear in such publications as the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the Western Producer, Contemporary Review, Vegetarian Journal and Saveur.

Among his most important published books are: From the Lands of Figs and Olives: Over 300 Delicious and Unusual Recipes from the Middle East and North Africa (Interlink Publishing); Journeys Back to Arab Spain (The Middle East Center); Classic Vegetarian Cooking From the Middle East and North Africa; Arabic Contributions to the English Vocabulary (Librairie du Liban); and Arab Cooking On A Saskatchewan Homestead: Recipes And Recollections (CPRC, University of Regina) – winner of the Cuisine Canada and The University of Guelph's Silver Canadian Culinary Book Awards in Winnipeg in 2006. His most recent books are 2 cookbooks published in 2010: Bison Delights (CPRC, University of Regina) and The Arabian Nights Cookbook (Tuttle Publishing).

Currently in press are Medieval Arab Cooking (co-authored with Leila Salloum Elias and Muna Salloum) (University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia), and Medieval Arab Sweets (I.B. Tauris, London, UK), with a publication date of the Spring of 2013.

By Habeeb Salloum


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