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Editor Bios Emese Fromm

Emese Fromm
Emese Fromm is a freelance writer and translator who loves to travel and is fortunate enough to be able to. Over the years, she has visited a lot of different countries, both in Europe and on the American continent, even Australia. She enjoys sharing her experiences through her writing. In addition to Travellady, her articles have also appeared in Travel Thru History, inTravel Magazine, Skipping Stones, Knitcircus. When she is not traveling, she enjoys knitting and designing her own knitwear and patterns.

By Emese Fromm


Super Sushi Ramen Express: a book review

  When author Michael Booth tells his wife that he is thinking of going to Japan for a food journalism project, he is surprised to see her  his excited and getting ready to take the whole family, including their… (more)

A Camping Trip at Sunset Crater National Monument

With the heat upon us in Phoenix, we were ready to go up north for at least a weekend. Our favorite spot to camp in Arizona is Sunset Crater National Monument. Fitting this year, with the National Parks’ 100 year… (more)

Far View in Mesa Verde National Park

Visit Mesa Verde National Park for a far view into history, as well into the landscape of the Four Corners area.  You will be amazed by the number ruins and cliff dwellings in the park, both on the… (more)

Review: Morinaga Make-Your-Own Tofu Kit

If you like tofu and are concerned about getting it fresh, you have a chance to make your own now. Morinaga Nutritional Foods has the answer with its new Make-Your-Own Tofu Kit. I have tried it and I found the… (more)

A Trip to Lowell Observatory and the Lunar Eclipse

Since our girls had a few days off for a fall break, we visited Northern Arizona and stopped at the Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff. It wasn’t the first time we have been there, but it’s been many years since the… (more)

A Salt Mine as A Tourist Destination

In Romania there is an old salt mine in the town of Turda, that hasn’t produced since WWI, but it was recently opened up as a very interesting tourist destination. It is now a museum, a theme park, playground, even… (more)

Family Travel on a Budget

We are a traveling family. Before we had kids, my husband and I used to go on road trips every weekend. Later on, after our kids were born, we still were traveling every opportunity we had. We took our first… (more)