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Editor Bios Dave Shultz

Growing up on the road, the eldest son of a second generation professional rodeo clown makes travel second nature. My photography experience started in high school and while the photography never stopped, the rodeo business did. Photography has always been the central thread in whatever I was doing. Even a brief stint as a Dallas County Deputy Sheriff in the mid 70's found me doing crime scene photography (not as much fun as travel photography). As a guest on the Tattered Passport radio show, I've shared my tales of Motorcycle Madness, headhunters in Borneo and others with international listeners. I also have done Web Quests on the Internet where I travel on a motorcycle, equipped with a digital camera and notebook computer and post daily updates for about 150,000 viewers. I live in Oklahoma and wander the back roads of the southwest exploring the deserts and mountains taking large format black and white photographs.

By Dave Shultz


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