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Editor Bios Brooke Cunningham

Brooke Cunningham
Been a travel writer and photographer since 1997. I do luxury features as I started writing about super yacht charter adventures. Now I cover a broader range of subjects, sailing regattas, island festivals, luxury resort development (I have interest in this plus a real estate license), spas, and health retreats and programs. Still high end placements.

By Brooke Cunningham


North of Everything: The Worlds Best Lake Fishing!

I knew that Wollaston Lake in Saskatchewan held award winning fly fishing for Trout, Grayling, and Muskies too. But we were after Northern Pike and I had no experience with that. I am a salt water girl, thinking that living… (more)

Happily Ever After, A Tropical Beach Lovers Wedding

Standing knee deep in warm undulating turquoise ocean, sipping something made by the charming bartender at the edge of the sand, I took a moment to simply take it in. The sensual quality of wind, sun and sand along the… (more)

Family Christmas Magic in Wisconsin at Osthoff Resort

  Missing the old Christmas holiday, the one which is designed to pattern a child for decades to come with visions of sugar plums, songs deeply imprinted filling a young heart with love and of course the  jolly old… (more)

Ancient Vines, Wines and Times in Portugal

It felt incredibly indulgent: hopping from my cozy bed just long enough to toss the curtains open, then plunging back into the covers so I could sip coffee while watching the dramatic landscape of Portugal’s Douro Valley ease by the… (more)

Movie Stars and Fine Dining at Chico Hot Springs

After leaving Bozeman for a stunningly beautiful drive through the mountains of Montana, we arrived at the very end of the road to an oasis. Recorded first in 1865 in an explorer’s diary, Chico Hot Springs became a mecca for… (more)

A Week of Fine Dining and Weight Loss in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

It is true, and hard to believe. For almost a week I dined on irresistible food in Puerto Vallarta, certainly one of the greatest spots on the continent for excellent and varied cuisine, and came home 4 pounds lighter. Couldn’t… (more)

35th Annual Heineken Regatta Weekend: Serious Fun with “Vitamin H”

The Heineken Regatta is a wonderful mix of serious sailors who love to party, and serious party-ers who love to sail. I met a team sailing a glorious 110′ schooner name Atravida who had sailed all the way up from… (more)

The Hills Are Alive In Stowe, and Filled with Hope for Cancer Survivors and Those Who Love Them

I was reminded that the colors we see in the spring are almost the same as the ones we see in the fall. Yellow that hasn’t turned green yet, Maples are red again with brand new life. Pines are the… (more)

Well Deserved “World’s Best” Spa: The Regent Palms at Turks and Caicos

Blending, that is the key to a really fabulous spa experience. Blending of the environment created by the spa designers with the practitioners touch and usage of chosen products. Music, scent, touch and environment are the pieces which create an… (more)

A Sailing Cruise Under Four Masts: Luxury, Elegance and Poetry

A half dozen huge white sails drove the 320’ four masted schooner north up the pacific coast of Panama towards Costa Rica through Tiffany box blue water. As an early riser, I arrived on deck just as the sun broke… (more)