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Editor Bios Beverly Salas

Beverly Salas
Writer of poetry, prose and song, Bev Salas loves living on the edge in an adobe abode in Albuquerque, NM. "Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing." --Helen Keller

By Beverly Salas


Edible Philosophy

Who doesn’t like good food and good conversation? But do you prefer that your conversations resemble low-cal appetizers; tossed salads with nutritious ideas for the body and soul; equally proportioned main courses; or after dinner desserts to mull over like… (more)

Pick Your Grapes, Wine, and Destination…France

With any given vacation destination, unless you’ve been there before…once, twice, or even thrice, it is difficult to know where to go to eat, sleep, and explore.  If you have dreamed of traveling to France but have never… (more)

Swimming with Whales

Ever wonder what it would be like to see a whale up close and friendly? Would you still be interested if it meant you were in the water with the whales? How about if those whales… (more)

ABS-olutely Gets to the Core

With summer weather soon upon us, our thoughts turn not necessarily to love but to our bellies!  That’s because we know the way to our true love’s heart is through our stomachs = toned abdominals, firm… (more)

Peaceful Reasons to Avoid Peak Season

Would you like to travel to some of our country’s most beautiful National Parks, but fear the crowds?  Avoid the press of the touring masses by choosing to travel off-peak. Travel-savvy adventurists know how to play… (more)

Art Inspired

Art inspires humans to flights of fancy.  Art also inspires humans to be better humans, to live more fully, more creative lives.  Through art we can also live more sustainably upon the planet. Creating beautiful art,… (more)

Navy versus St. John’s: Croquet Style

Liberal versus conservative. Regimented versus informal. Uniforms versus casual wear. The sciences versus liberal arts. Annapolis is home to two four-year colleges that are as different as night and day. They are alike in that both… (more)

Tour Italy by Sea (Kayak, that is…)

Who doesn’t dream of visiting Italy? By land? By sea!  It probably doen’t matter, so long as one can return, time and time again.  And with each return visit comes a chance to view this sublime country in… (more)

The Amazing Race Challenges Switzerland!

Race on over to Europe where The Amazing Race competition completes one leg of its international challenge.  Using half the energy but having maybe twice the fun, join the participants as an observer, then take on your… (more)

Art Imitates Life on Alcatraz

Everyone’s heard of Alcatraz.  Likewise, most people who have been to San Francisco have, at the very least, seen Alcatraz Island from Fisherman’s Wharf.  Perhaps you had hoped to tour the prison island–turned museum some day… (more)