Nine of us stood on the arms of our seats in the Baltimore Civic Center in September 1964, screaming our heads off in awe of The Beatles.  This scenario replayed photo (47)worldwide back then.

Now, from the first note, the sixty-something crowd couldn’t help but sing along as the transcendent, multi-dimensional LOVE imploded in the arena at the Mirage in Las Vegas. 

The Cirque du Soleil’s interpretive performance nailed the era, the music and the Fab Four.

Amid op art and pop art, relics from the 60s (VW Beetles!), whimsical characters, color/ light imagery, screens encircling the perimeter and  scrim drops  that changed from opaque to translucent transecting the theater, Beatlemania unfolded with photo (45)fun retro costuming and an appropriately frenetic  cast.

Because” opened the performance with dreamy psychedelia.

The enhanced original Beatle recordings knocked our socks off.  Though somewhat difficult to rank in the kaleidoscopic photo (44)panorama, highlights must include these ten renditions:

* “Something” (… In the Way She Moves) for the celestial ballet;

* a Beatle-inspired freak show in “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite! 

* “HELP” and its acrobatics on roller skates;

* a radiant “Within You and Without You” where voluminous sheeting crept out and over and enveloped an audience that played, too;

* “Octopus’ Garden’s”  sea fantasy:  swirling  shrimp, diaphanous octopi,  and     effervescent squid;

photo (43)* “Come Together” on trampoline, with bobbies and PEACE paraphernalia;

* the “Hey Jude” tribute to Flower Power amid dance, stunts, acrobatics among pop design and papier mache;

* “Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” in all its glory;

* a brilliant “Here Comes The Sun” with gyrating frenzy and tandem yoga sun salutations in praise of the emerging orb;

* the joyful “All You Need is Love” replete with the real thing:  John, Paul, George and Ringo clips gracing a stunning, endearing,  professional troupe that transported us and stole our hearts.

We laughed, we gaped, we cried, we celebrated!  
All we need is: Le Cirque’s LOVE