Just like fashion, there are some classic stories that are revised and repeated in every generation. Peter Pan seems to be a most popular story today. Each reinterpreted performance emphasizes different nuances of the story.

“Beautiful and wondrous! It’s pure bliss!”

The Huffington Post

                                           The Broadway Smash   

After thrilling audiences on Broadway, the magical Finding Neverland heads out across the country on a national tour. Based on the Oscar-winning movie starring Johnny Depp, Finding Neverland tells the story of author J.M.Barrie and the family who inspired his greatest work – Peter Pan! Interweaving Barrie’s real life story with flights of fancy that take you deep into the world of Captain Hook and The Lost Boys, this musical is an inspiring ode to the creative spirit and speaks to the child in all of us!

                                     Peter flys to New York

Backed by Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, Finding Neverland premiered at Boston’s Loeb Drama Center in 2014, before packing its bags for the bright lights of Broadway.

I always look for Tinkerbell. This Tinkerbell was a live dancer rather than a projected video. There were fewer performers on wires. Probably because this was actually about the life of the author of Peter Pan. The perspective was unique and the sets highlighted the times when the story was written.

You won’t want to miss a single curtain at the Winspear Opera House.


Finding Neverland

Presented by Central Market… July 11 – 23, 2017

Prices from: $50

Winspear Opera House.