When I first moved to Dallas, there were not many Indian restaurants. Now they seem to multiply like rabbits. In fact, there have even been several restaurants named Taj Express. But this is the first time I saw a Bollywood performance in Dallas.

The Internationally acclaimed musical is a dazzling theatrical spectacular wrapped into 120 minutes of swirling colors sparkle, shimmer and electrifying energy, which weaves its magic to mesmerise and captivate audiences all over the world. Produced, Directed & Choreographed by The Merchants, Vaibhavi & Shruti, belonging to one of the dynastic families who have been in the Bollywood Film Industry for decades, the production is also the first Original Indian Musical to have successfully completed 5 years of International Touring.

And Taj Express has been thrilling critics in each country.

In true musical revue style, the show was configured as a set of dance numbers punctuated by some clever dialogues- Steve Siegel, The Morning Call Old and new were constantly juxtaposed and melded together. In one scene a serene classical Indian dance evoked Saraswati, the ancient goddess of music. That was immediately followed by the entire troupe in a hi-powered rendition complete with break dancing.-Steve Siegel, The Morning Call

An exhilarating street fight scene that could have come right out of “West Side Story,”  -Steve Siegel, The Morning Call “Taj Express” is the first Bollywood show to supplement a high-powered, mostly electronic soundtrack with live musicians. A truly talented trio of percussion, flute, and electric guitar added an entirely unique dimension to what was already an extravagant production. -Steve Siegel,

The Morning Call The “Taj Express” show is a personification of the Indian film industry in the best of its manifestation – Indian.ruvr.ru

If you can visit only one show – go on “Taj Express”. The love a la Bollywood is precisely provided to you – Marie France, dontourism.ru

A real mix of Broadway spiced to perfection, kitsch and exoticism – Samantha Ben-Rehouma, kapitalis.com

A rainbow of colors, costumes and gestures that thrill the viewer and makes him want to go exploring these exotic lands – Hechmi Khalladi, letemps.com

The audience in Dallas seemed to love and had a long standing ovation.  Since it was only at the Eismann for one night, I hope the enthusiastic response will encourage them to come back soon and stay for several performances.