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The New Phoenix, A Glorious Surprise Rising in the Desert

The New Phoenix Rising, A Glorious Surprise in the Desert Rising into the early dawn darkness over the desert outside of Phoenix was a surprising and mystical experience. I had been in a hot air balloon, once, so I was… (more)

“Sel et Poivre” is an unexpected bit of France in New York and it charms

A friend and I were walking on Lexington Avenue a few years ago and looking for a place for dinner. It wasn’t our neighborhood. But we saw an alluring spot and went in. It was Sel et Poivre (salt &… (more)

England’s Motionhouse

One of the many things I like about Titas is that they don’t just bring us our favorite arts groups. They continually introduce and expose us to cutting edge performance art. This weekend is the first time England’s Motion House… (more)

Exotic Panama is a ‘go to’ place for savvy travelers

Exotic and modern at the same time, Panama in Central America has become a “go to” destination for savvy travelers and will become even more so in the future. Here is why. It’s a place of high-rises and yacht harbors… (more)

Evita arrives in Dallas: April 15 -27

Years ago I was an exchange student in London. The English are very proud of theater and encourage youth to attend by offering almost-free tickets to students an hour or so before curtain. I took advantage of this opportunity every… (more)

Florida Keys Uncorked Food & Wine Festival does a gorgeous long lunch

It was a gorgeous (literally) long lunch on a narrow strip of land at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean! It was a magical spot in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. On January 18th, the “Grand Tasting Festival Finale” ended… (more)

Theater, Music, Cabaret — entertainment in Key West is tops

Question: Why is Key West a premier place for entertainment? After all, it’s way at the bottom of the 48 states. Road shows travel, of course, but you don’t see the good stuff every week if you are in some… (more)

A Tour for Humanity: Revolutionary EcoMusic Visits New York

On February 18, 2014, a revolutionary musical exchange was witnessed by the packed audience of the Engleman Recital Hall of Baruch College. The genius of Fred Ho, internationally renowned Baritone saxophonist, was celebrated by a big band full of notable… (more)

Behind the Scenes at Door County Coffee & Tea

When Vicki Wilson went to Door County to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday, she didn’t realize she’d soon caffeinate this Wisconsin peninsula. But 21 years later the business she founded has introduced the region to coffee culture and delighted countless… (more)

Philip Glass: Often heard but seldom seen

You may hear Phillip Glass in more places than you realize. He created the music that plays whenever the Winspear Opera House chandelier goes up. It sets the tone for each performance. And this is just one of… (more)