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Garden Gigs At The Dallas Arboretum

  The Dallas Arboretum is currently hosting “Garden Gigs” this summer. At this event, there are several artists performing in various areas throughout the park. Getting me to go out in this Texas heat is not an easy task, but… (more)

You Gotta’ Love The Novotel at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

The trip between the United States and SE Asia is long no matter how the flights are booked and the best airfares are usually ones that begin and end in Bangkok. We spend a fair amount of time in SE… (more)

Finding Neverland and the man behind the classic story

Just like fashion, there are some classic stories that are revised and repeated in every generation. Peter Pan seems to be a most popular story today. Each reinterpreted performance emphasizes different nuances of the story. “Beautiful and wondrous! It’s pure… (more)

Travelling with Toddlers: Doing Catalina, Hollywood’s island getaway, the preschooler way

Catalina Island is one of the most famous Southern California getaways for the Hollywood crowd. The island is small, notoriously private and a perfect escape for anyone wanting to get away from the California freeways. In fact, you can’t even… (more)

Bollywood comes to Dallas: Taj Express

When I first moved to Dallas, there were not many Indian restaurants. Now they seem to multiply like rabbits. In fact, there have even been several restaurants named Taj Express. But this is the first time… (more)

How I got a three week trip to India by raising my hand

People often tell me how lucky I am to get so many interesting trips. Once I did it by being in the right place at the right time and merely raising my hand. A friend who owned a travel agency… (more)

Traveling with Toddlers: The Best Kid-Friendly Breakfast in Hollywood

A meal that is sure to make your little ones smile

Hollywood, California is a mecca for everything larger-than-life. (It is home to the Oscars, after all!) So it should come as no surprise that the biggest kid-friendly breakfast buffet… (more)

Stay in Round Rock to Avoid Austin Traffic

Because I travel frequently from Dallas down to Austin, a roundtrip on I-35 South of just under 400 miles, a favorite new ploy is to stay north of the city. That’s the easy way to avoid the horrendous mid-town traffic.… (more)

Sunset Key’s Latitudes is a magical place for lunch in Key West

The best food in Key West is at the Latitudes restaurant on Sunset Key. There is a magical feel to this exceptional place which is on a small island you reach via a 6-minute launch ride from a pier at… (more)

Key West museums: Butterfly Conservancy, Customs House Art & History

Though most of your Key West time will be outside, here are two museums you should visit even when it’s typically delicious outside. And certainly if it’s cool or rainy, as alas, it has been known to be, your day… (more)